Friday, 5 October 2012

Golden Ticket update

We've had a fantastic response to our Golden Ticket competition since it was announced on Wednesday. A quick reminder of how it works.
 Every copy of Splinters that's ordered before publication date will be sealed. In one of those sealed copies will be a 'Golden Ticket'. In this case the golden ticket will be a Tarot Death Card. The person who finds this card inside their book win loads of amazing things. Read more here.

Now things have got even more exciting. Because we've found an amazing artist to design the Tarot Death Card for us.
Robin Stevenson (aka @Raliel on Twitter) is a wonderful, extraordinary individual whose artwork has been chosen by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to sell at their celebrity auctions. I've known Robin for some time and his energy and passion is hugely infectious.

This is Robin.
And here are a couple of his previous pieces.

I cannot wait to see what Robin's interpretation of a Tarot Death card will be, but it's sure to be memorable. It will be a unique and collectible piece which makes this Golden Ticket Competition even more special.
So now, not only can you win loads of books, but you will also get a totally unique piece of art, signed by Robin.
This just gets better and better.

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