Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Four Days.

This Friday, Joseph D'Lacey and I will be in Lowestoft. I've never been to Lowestoft before.

This is where it is. 

We'll be in Lowestoft because there is a new Horror Convention called 'Horror in the East' happening there.
This is where Splinters is being officially launched on Saturday.
That's 4 days time.
OK, calm down.
  • You sent out the proof copies for people to review. a
  • The finished copies have now arrived, safely from the printers. a
  • The Tarot Death Card has been designed. a
  • Joseph will be able to sign and number all the pre-orders before the weekend. a
  • You have found accommodation for your trip to Lowestoft. a
  • The book is awesome.  aaa
Pumpkins love a bit of D'Lacey

Here are a couple of recent reviews of Splinters.
This rather lovely one from Nathan Robinson on Snakebite Horror.
This equally gorgeous one from Jim McLeod on Ginger Nuts of Horror
and Scott Pack (Who stars as Me on his famous blog Me and My Big Mouth) wrote this review of Mango Tree, one of the stories in the collection.
Go on.. you  know it makes sense.


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