Friday, 11 May 2012

Timeline Books- An Announcement

I am a bookseller. But I am also a publisher. My publishing company is called Timeline Books. I have published one book so far. Yes, ONE. It is London Tales by Greg Stekelman. It is awesome and if you haven't bought it by now and you have £40, then I suggest you do. There are only 250 in the whole world and tests prove that by buying a copy your life will improve on average by 3.2%*.
When I set up Timeline Books, I thought to myself that i'd probably publish just the one book. But having enjoyed the whole experience so very very much, my taste for publishing more has grown.
And this is why I am delighted to announce that I am going to be publishing Timeline Books second book.
It's going to be a collection of the finest short stories by Joseph D'Lacey. Joseph is awesome and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be publishing this.

Let me tell you a bit about Mr D'Lacey.
  • He wrote a book called Meat, which I reviewed on this blog here back in 2008 (there is also an interview I did too).He also wrote a book called Garbage Man, which has some of the most powerful imagery I have read. He also wrote the novella Kill Crew, which I reviewed a bit here
  • He was awarded Best Newcomer in 2009 at the British Fantasy Society awards for Meat
  • Stephen King is a massive fan and has said that 'Joseph D'Lacey Rocks'.
  • I have spent the last 2 months reading his short stories and I feel like I am the luckiest person alive. They are brilliant.
This is what Joseph looks like, should you want to say hello to him if you meet him.

Joseph would probably be filed under Horror in bookshops. If there was a more specific sub genre, it would be Eco Horror. But the scope of his writing means that I am reluctant to place him in one particular genre. His stories put me in mind of Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, but with an even darker, more sinister (and sometimes hilarious) conclusion. What I love about his writing is that I never know quite what to expect. His latest book, Snake Eyes, published in the USA, contains two novellas. Each one takes you on a journey that has layer after layer of storyline. It takes you further and further into his crazy and imaginative mind. You don't know what's going to happen, but when it does happen...BOOM!!

The book will be published on September 27th 2012. This coincides with the publication of a book by JK Rowling, which one or two of you might know about. We thought it would be good for her to have a bit of competition.
There will be a Limited Edition of just 500 copies. Each one will be signed and numbered.
There will be a competition to design the cover of the book. This will be launched in May at the same time as the title of the book is announced.
There are more things, but this is quite enough excitement for one blogpost.

This is going to be something very special. If you know anyone who you think would want of copy of this (who wouldn't to be honest), please let them know.

*I made this up, but you should still buy a copy.


  1. Do you have a "join this site" or follow button? I can be really bad at spotting them!

    1. Hello, I think there's a thing at the bottom of the page that gives you the option to subscribe. Hope this helps and thanks.

  2. Joseph is a cool man with horrific ideas. I salivate when reading his books. What a wise publisher you are taking him on.

    1. Thanks Geoff,
      I agree very much with your sentiments about Joseph's writing. I'm really looking forward to publishing his stuff.