Saturday, 17 November 2012

Splinters Catch Up and Competition Winner.

Has it really been 2 weeks since Splinters was launched at the Horror in the East convention in Lowestoft?
There's a bit of catching up to do then isn't there.

The convention was a load of fun. We sold books, drank alcohol and met some lovely people.

"Team Splinters"
(photo courtesy of Jenny Cosgrove)
 It was great for me to meet David Moody, Simon Coleby and also Adam Millard and his wife Zoe-Ray, who sustained a nasty injury during the afternoon.
(photo courtesy of Adam Millard)
I also finally got to meet Michael Wilson, the man behind the This is Horror website. I love his passion and enthusiasm and I'm very pleased to say that we are planning something together a little later on this year...
Emma and Jo, the organisers of the event should be very proud of what they achieved and we'll certainly be back next year.

The following weekend Joseph came to London town to do more Splinters related shenanigans at the Big Green Bookshop. It was a really great evening and Joseph read 'The Mango Tree' a wonderfully haunting tale and one that you too can read if you buy a copy of the book.

Joseph at the Big Green Bookshop
(photo courtesy of my telephone)
Since writing the last blogpost, Splinters has had some more reviews.
Here they are.
This review by Ben Bussey on the Brutal as Hell website.

There's this wonderful blogpost in praise of Joseph from the marvellously talented author Sam Enthoven.

But there is no doubt that this is the review that Joseph and I will remember for a very very long time, courtesy of BookCunt. Please read it if you can.

All the pre-orders have been posted and (hopefully) have arrived at their chosen destinations. One of them had the 'Golden Ticket of Death' in. And I can reveal that the winner is

Many congratulation to Steve, who wins loads of signed Joseph D'Lacey goodies, my own personal copy of Roald Dahl's Collected Short Stories and £50 to spend on any books he wants at the Big Green Bookshop. He also wins a full sized hand painted version of the Tarot Death Card, designed and painted by Robin Stevenson.
Last night I went to The book launch of Joseph's new novel BLOOD FUGUE, which is published by Proxima Books (part of Salt Publishing). I will be doing a review of this very shortly (the short version of that review is 'it's fucking amazing'), but I wanted to share with you a couple of photos from the launch. It was held at Blackwell's in Charing Cross Road and also appearing were Jonathan Green, who read us a horrifically dark alternative version of Alice in Wonderland and Pat Cadigan, who's story about possibly the most evil sadistic vampire hunter ever, was hypnotically brilliant. Jasper Bark, the evening's host fell ill halfway through after eating Blood Fudge, a vegan fudge that had been made especially for the launch.
He left the stage for a bit and just as Joseph had finished reading he came back out, looking very ill indeed. He then proceeded to attack Joseph.
Jasper Bark turns psychotic and attacks our boy, Joseph D'Lacey.
(photo courtesy of This is Horror)
Having bitten half his throat out Jasper then turns on the audience.
things are getting a little out of hand.
(photo courtesy of This is Horror)
Thankfully after charging full pelt into the crowd and sending me flying over the back of my chair, he returns to 'relative' sanity before further carnage ensues.
Joseph recovered and was able to sign books at the end.
The wonderfully talented Jenny Jackson was responsible for the horror make up here and also she was the person who stuck that razor blade in Zoe-Ray's face at Lowestoft two weeks ago.
As you can see, i've met some amazing people during my time on this book and my next blogpost will be a roll-call of honour and a huge shout out thank you for everyone who's helped us get this book published.
  But in the meantime...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

2 Days to Go.

Splinters will be born in two days time. I've got a bag packed by the front door and i'm practicing my breathing exercises.
Tomorrow, I head off to Lowestoft for the book launch at Horror in the East Convention.

This is the first one of these, so who knows what to expect. But judging by the lineup of authors, it should be a cracker.
  • Adam Baker
  • Ivan Bunn
  • Henry Baker
  • Simon Coleby
  • Joseph D'Lacey (that's our boy)
  • Joseph Freeman
  • Andrew Hook
  • Paul S. Huggins
  • Iain McKinnon
  • Adam Millard
  • David Moody
  • Sean T Page
  • Conrad Williams

  • I recently read Joe and Me, a brilliant short story by David Moody, so I really keen to meet him too. This is one of a new series of chap books which This is Horror are producing. They are well worth a look.
    This is a FREE convention, and I'd like to thank Emma the organiser, for givng us the opportunity to launch the book there.


    We've now arranged a London launch date for Splinters too, so those people who can't make it to Lowestoft will be able to whoop and cheer and congratulate Joseph on a fine piece of writing.

    It's happening on Saturday November 10th, from 7pm at the Big Green Bookshop in cosmopolitan Wood Green, North London.
    Detail of the launch can be found here.

    View Larger Map
    The shop is only five stops from King's Cross on the tube and it'll be a really great night. There may even be some special surprises, so if you are in the United Kingdom on November 10th, come along.

    The book got another fantastic review yesterday from The Eloquent Page website. Thanks to Paul for really getting it.

    Don't forget, that if you order a copy of the book before Monday 5th, you will be in with a chance of winning all this stuff.
    • A signed copy of Meat
    • A signed copy of Garbage Man
    • A signed copy of Kill Crew
    • A signed copy of Joseph's new novel, Blood Fugue, courtesy of the lovely people at Salt Publishing (published in a couple of weeks).
    • A signed copy of Black Feathers, Joseph's new two part novel published next year, courtesy of a gorgeous publishers Angry Robot.
    • £50 to spend on any books you like, courtesy of the UK's finest bookshop
    • My own personal copy of Roald Dahl's Collected Short Stories, in recognition of what a great storyteller he was.
    Instructions on how to claim the prize will also be inside the winner's book.
    We think this is a pretty special prize. And even if you don't win, you'll have got yourself a brilliant collection of short stories. YOU CAN'T LOSE!